I'm Matt.

I build apps,

read books,

and ride bikes.


  • Front End Engineer


    Sep 2017 - Current

    I've been freelancing with large companies and small startups as a senior front end engineer. I've built beautifully designed and highly interactive marketing sites using Gatsby. I've also been brought on to architect complex React and React Native apps and establish best practices.

  • Front End Engineer

    Whiplash Merchandising Inc.

    Feb 2017 - Aug 2017

    Resident Redux expert and developer for new front end re-write. Rapidly built and prototyped user interfaces following quick iteration and adhering to agile methodologies. Harnessed React capabilities to produce tested and maintainable code. Utilizes Enzyme React testing library to Achieve >84% test coverage and over 3k unit tests.

  • Full-Stack Engineer

    Department of Veterans Affairs


    Lead JavaScript trainer for 6 developers (React.js, Redux, Node.js, Express.js, and jQuery). Engineered current development stack: React, Redux, Node/Express, and Intersystems Cache (database). Production web application handles 30m dollars in sales per month.

  • US/NATO Interoperability Engineer

    Department of Defense - USAF


    Built and maintained JavaScript applications (React.js and jQuery) that were used to import NATO data into a US Weapon System. Used legacy SOAP web services to streamline a manual and error prone process.


  • Electron OCR Open Source

    Dept. of Veterans Affairs

    This desktop application was built using Electron, React, Redux, and the Tesseract.js library. This application performs exceptionally at recognizing printed text in images and is open source. This application is still in development.

  • Audiologist Portal

    Dept. of Veterans Affairs

    DALC Audiologist Portal is a stand alone web application that Audiologists use to perform duties. This app proved that a React, Node/Express, and Intersystems Cache would be the future replacement for the DALC's main web applcation.


    Dept. of Veterans Affairs

    The FAQ CMS application is a content management system for creating and maintaining FAQs that are contained in the ROES Web Application. The FAQ CMS features live markdown editing, keyword management, and is built with React and Redux.

  • ChainringPro


    ChainringPro is an app that helps data driven cyclists determine the perfect gear ratio for mountain and road bikes. The app is a Progressive Web App (download it to the home screen from Chrome) and is built using React.

  • NameSquash


    NameSquash is a real time domain and social media availablity search engine that helps you come up with a creative name for your business or app. It is built with React and Redux on the Front End and has a Node/Express backend written in TypeScript.


  • React
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Firebase
  • MongoDB
  • Vim
  • nginx
  • LetsEncrypt
  • Scrum

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